Participation of the Andrología Mallorca team in the 21st National Congress and XVII Iberian Andrology Meeting

From October 19 to 21, the 21st National Congress and XVII Iberian Meeting of Andrology was held in the city of Barcelona, ​​organized by the Spanish Association of Andrology, Sexual and Reproductive Medicine (ASESA).

The Andrología Mallorca team actively participated in this important event.

At the recent ASESA Andrology Congress held in Barcelona, ​​Dr. Bonet and Dr. Parejo, members of both ASESA and the Andrología Mallorca team, participated as moderator and speaker respectively in the meeting.

Dr. Bonet, moderated with DR. Natalio Cruz, an interesting tables about Prosthesis surgery and Priapsim. The speakers, internationally well-known uroandrologists, like Dr. Torremadé and Dr. Martínez-Salamanca, offered a high level table to all the congress audience.

Dr. Parejo presented a presentation where he highlighted the importance of the functional consequences of the medical and surgical treatment of prostate cancer. With a specific focus on bone health after hormone treatment. Dr. Parejo stressed the importance of understanding and addressing long-term consequences and personalized treatment. His presentation not only provided valuable information on the challenges associated with treatment, but also highlighted strategies and approaches to preserve patients’ bone health.As a committed members of Andrología Mallorca and ASESA, Dr. Bonet and Dr. Parejo, with their participation in conferences and the delivery of specialized knowledge, reinforces the group’s commitment to promoting men’s health.

Interviews to Dr. Bonet and Dr. Parejo:

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