Micro-TESE and OncoTESE

Micro-TESE and Onco-TESE are advanced microsurgical techniques that allow us to retrieve sperm from the testes in azoospermic patients.

What is Micro-TESE?

It is a Microsurgical Technique for Sperm Retrieval from the testicle. It is an operation under general anesthesia performed through a small incision in the scrotum, through which both testicles can be seen. The testicular pulp is focused with a magnifying microscope and samples are selectively taken from areas of the testicle that have a healthy appearance and are then delivered to the embryologist, who is in the operating room, and he indicates whether or not there are sperms in the samples.

The Micro-TESE is recommended for people who have abnormal sperm production (non-obstructive azoospermia). There are many causes for this, including previous testicular surgery, previous medical treatment, a genetic problem, or another male factor infertility problem. 

The probability of finding sperm with this technique is approximately 50% in most cases. Many studies have shown that Micro-TESE produces the highest sperm retrieval rate and causes the least amount of damage to the testicles compared to other techniques.

What is Onco-TESE?

In the group of patients with severe impairment of the seminogram, the options are reduced to the extraction of testicular sperm, using a microscopic technique, at the time of surgery to remove the testicle with tumor. This technique known as Onco-microTESE is an intervention in which once the testicle with tumor has been removed, the search for sperm is carried out with a magnifying microscope and with the help of an embryologist in the operating room. It is an effective technique for azoospermia and severe oligozoospermia. The success rates depend on the age of the patient and the percentage of tumor occupation in the affected testicle. Overall it has a 50% success rate.