Andrology, Urology and Sexology Unit in Mallorca

At AndrologiaMallorca we have an excellent team of professionals, specialized in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, sexual medicine, urogenital reconstruction and prostate diseases. Our team of urologists and psychologists will help you find the best solution through a multidisciplinary study. Each individual case is a challenge for us, and the final goal is always to improve the quality of life of our patients.

If you want us to study your case, do not hesitate to contact us. Ask for an appointment!

Medical Team

Collaborators of AndrologiaBarcelona

Dr. Juan Manuel Corral Molina

Andrology and Urology. Male Infertility
Dr. Juan Manuel Corral Molina is graduated in Medicine from the University of Barcelona and specialist in Urology at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. He is responsible for the Reproductiva Andrology Unit at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.
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Nurse Team

Sexology Team

Assisted Reproduction Center

Local Administration

Secretariat and Central Administration